Saturday, January 17, 2009

Almost there now

Just another 5 hours today then!

First off I finished plumbing in the extinguisher system under the bonnet - the two blue nozzles are now all connceted.

Then everything has been secured with good old cable ties again.

After that it's been a succession of refitting the dashboard and securing all the wiring, pipework etc.

It sounds easy enough but anyone who has done the old head under the dashboard, letgs outside the car routine will know it's not quite that straightforward.

The doorbars have gone back in as well and I have fitted a map reading light on the co-driver's door. Sarah had suggest one and the light that was there was useless anyway so here it is - combined with pencil holder.

The "office" is looking good.

I didn't stop there though as I also cable tied the intercom to the roll cage so that's ready too.

It can be seen in the 3rd pic between the two seats - we'll have to see if
that's the best place for it in due course.

Not forgetting getting the pull cable for the electric cut off switch fitted too - it was very satsifying when that worked too.

The last picture is a quick one of the dashboard - it's just possible to see one of the extinguisher nozzles on the driver's side of the transmission tunnel (look through the spokes of the steering wheel).

The cut off switch and extinguisher button are also visible on the centre console.

So what next?

Well I was going to wash the car and clean it inside and out but I think enough's enough.

I also have a horrible feeling there's yet another hoop to jump through too - it looks like I need a fuel sampling valve fitted.

Quite what that is and how it is fitted is something I'll find out about tomorrow.

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