Sunday, January 18, 2009

Appointment made

Yesterday I was hoping to have everything sorted and, to be fair, did get plenty done but then there often seems to be a "downer" at the end.

This time it was that after re-assembling everything I decided to test the extinguisher system, expecting that this will be something the MSA scrutineer will want to test (as well as the fact that I would actually prefer it works when needed!).

It's tested by selecting a particular switch position and then pushing one of the extinguisher buttons so that the test light comes on. Unfortunately, the light did not come on so I selected the battery test position and it seemed a bit dodgy so maybe that was the problem.

Well, we hadn't actually been able to work out how to get at the battery before so that took some doing today but eventually by using another battery I found the first was OK anyway. Not great really as that meant the wiring must be faulty!

So, out came the central dashboard again and sure enough the wires were off the back of the switch. This no doubt happened when the cut off switch was wired up but it took ages to get the connections back on - not at all easy to see, reach etc etc.

So back goes the central dash again but onto the next problem.

The extinguisher control unit was held on by an adhesive strip which, of course, was no longer adhesive! The solution was to remove another section of trim above the glove box, drill four holes in it and attach the unit by those good old cable ties again!

At last I was then able to vacuum the car out before going out to lunch. I was intending to wash and clean the car more but felt I had done enough for one weekend so phoned the MSA scrutineer who is coming over on Thursday night to see if BRP is worth of a rally car logbook.

I'll try and do a bit of cleaning on the car before then as I feel a neat clean car is the right way to be - not to "Chatterton Levels" tho!

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