Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Toledo is home

"Burnerboy" and I drove down to London in his Spitfire to collect the Toledo two days ago.

Thanks Paul, and I really enjoyed driving your Spitfire top down, leather jacket on with aviator sunglasses - how cool is that!

Anyway, back to the Toledo.

What a great little car, it was quiet and had superb manners in London stop start traffic - a pleasure to drive.

It also happily drove home at 60MPH but is a bit challenged in the speed stakes! It is only a single carb 1296CC engine and I certainly don't need a fast car for my daughter to learn to drive in but I suspect a good service and timing check will make it a bit more peppy.

In the meantime Rebecca has managed to wash it and I have taken the radiator to be re-cored as it was beginning to disintegrate

It really needs a good fettling which I will aim to get round to before Rebecca hits the road in September.

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