Sunday, July 08, 2007

Speedfair rally prep - help wanted!

If anyone is interested in acting as "service crew" for no reward just let me know!

I can get you into the event for free tho but would like some help in any spannering needed or just looking after some spares etc You would also of course be part of the action as a team member - a bit grand that but still, even if it's not a Mclaren team mechanic it's still in the same vein.

Now, I have been working on the TR today fettling the front seats and tidying/cleaning.

About 3 hours work and it doesn't show does it?

At least I know the driver's seat is slightly further forward giving a better driving position.

Also the co-driver's seat is in a tailored position for my daughter - much higher so she can actually see something and also reach the window winder and door handle!

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