Thursday, July 26, 2007

Speedfair and the aftermath

So, how did it go?

Very well actually. Out of 40 cars we came 30th which I am very pleased about as we were novices and many of the entries were by very experienced and competitive people.

But the best way of getting a feel for it is on this video

There was alot of waiting around which got a bit tiresome but nevertheless a very enjoyable debut.

The car was great - very powerful and never missed a beat. It did, however, keep getting very hot at low speeds or in queues.

Eventually the general opinion was that it was a stuck thermostat so we removed it and the car ran cool all the way home.

So, I ahve now replaced the thermostat and run the car on the drive for 20 minutes, taken it a 5 mile drive followed by another 20 minutes with the engine still running on the drive.

The result was no more overheating - I just hope it stays that way

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