Sunday, July 15, 2007

Final Prep pre Speedfair?

I got some air out of the cooling system and re-positioned one of the hoses to clear the front of the cylinder head.

Then installed insulated battery terminal covers and went through the regs for road rally cars. This involved me closing up a couple of small gaps in the bulkhead with glasticon, refitting some carpeting (what a pain that was) and then strapping the warning triangle into the boot.

I think we are going to be fine now on scrutineering but we will see.

So, what's the plan for next weekend?

Well I think I will take spares and tools etc but leave them in the hotel room over night! This is because I have no service crew and so nowhere safe to leave them - they certainly can't rattle around in the boot during the event! Not only would they be a safety hazard they would also be extra weight which is not a good thing in a competition car.

Interesting how these elements are coming to the fore now as I have always said rallying is a cerebral sport. So, keep the weight down as much as possible too.

I could leave the spare out as well and just carry tyre sealant but that is something I'll ponder over - sealing a tyre to get it to the end of a test is one thing but driving home on it is quite another.

Then there's the "fuel load"

No chance of refueling at the circuit but a full tank is 12 gallons and that's alot of weight. So, I reckon I'll fuel up 100 miles from Knockhill and then run it all weekend which should still give about 6 gallons at the start of the day which should last the day's rallying.

I do have the phone number of a local TR7 enthusiast with a 16valve engine fitted to his car who has volunteered to be on the end of a phone should I need any help or parts off his car! Cheers Ben.

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