Saturday, June 06, 2015

UNJ's back, no stopping PMW!

UNJ passed it's MOT last month and had a new water pump fitted so with June now here I have taxed it again.

Unfortunately it wouldn't start yesterday due to a flat battery and I didn't have time until today to fix it but now the car is running just fine again. I took if for a run on the "test track" and then washed and cleaned it as I may well be using it tomorrow and certainly intend using it for  a show later this month.

Meanwhile, there literally is no stopping PMW. I was on my way to the Pendle and Pennine meeting last night in PMW when I found the brake pedal going straight to the floor! Thankfully the handbrake stopped the car from going onto the main road and I got it back under our car port.

So today investigations found that the rear near side wheel cylinder has failed and allowed all the brake fluid to escape as can be seen in the photos as it is on the tyre and then inside the brake drum on the shoes. Having cleaned it all up now I need a replacement wheel cylinder which I will then fit along with a set of  new brake shoes I have in stock.

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