Saturday, June 27, 2015

Lubricate it and slip it in!

Back to the refurbishing of the rear suspension on PMW.

Here I have just drilled out the steel tube within one of the trailing arm bushes. Next I used the 1" wood drill to remove the rubber bushes followed by cleaning the inside of the holes and lubricating them with vaseline, as well as the new bushes.
So having applied lubrication it was then simple to slip it in! Of course you need good nuts and technique :-)
With all this done and experience gained so far I used the same techniques as on the nearside to relocate the trailing arm with it's new bushes (jacks, smaller bolts, screw drivers etc) and bolt it all up with new nuts and bolts.

Then the new spring and shock absorber along with new brake pipes.
Now I am getting somewhere. The circlip on the wheel cylinder still isn't on though but then I looked on Youtube for tips and found there is a tool which makes it a doddle. A check on ebay showed me I could buy one for less than £10 from a supplier in Stoke on Trent so that 's what I'll be doing next week.

 I am now left looking forward to next weekend and a special tool!

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