Sunday, July 05, 2015

Special tool!

I now hate wheel cylinder circlips.

What a pain and I realise many people have the knack of fitting them but I certainly don't, they are the creation of the devil as far as I am concerned.

Something that is rather good though is modern technology. A comment from my brother was along the lines of "it would be great if there was a tool but there isn't". An immediate Youtube search for "fitting wheel cylinder circlips" came up with this.

Followed by a search on ebay and I found a company called Mini Mine who sell this tool

So, having purchased said tool have I bought one and been successful? You bet!
Following this I plumbed in the brake pipes, refitted the exhaust whcih I had had to remove to give me clearance and got the car back on it's wheels.

All the rear suspension has now been completely refurbished and that's a job well worth doing.

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