Sunday, June 21, 2015

Show and struggle

A Triumph weekend with Saturday at Woodvale Show in Southport.

First was meeting up with 4 mates from Club Triumph Pendle and Pennine at Darwen Services on the M65
As you can see, I had the top down on UNJ but the weather was typical stuff!

We all made it and set up with a good variety of the models. Eventually the sun came out which meant I needed somewhere to relax.

Then Sunday it was back to PMW.

Although I had made good progress last week I had actually bolted everything back up with the drive shaft below the exhaust! So first I removed the rear section of the exhaust and bolted up the drive shaft to the diff using new nyloc nuts and copper grease on the bolts.
I also took the time to tidy up a number of things whilst there such as the rubber drive shaft boot and got it properly attached.

Next was cleaning up the brake back plate, putting the wheel cylinder in place and then the simple task of putting the circlip on that holds it in place. NO, this was not simple at all and in the end I have put that off until next week.

I did get the offside rear trailing arm bolts out though so more progress made but PMW is still on axle stands under the car port and it will be a while yet before it's back down on the ground and I can see what effect those new springs have had.

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