Sunday, May 31, 2015

10CR Prep

Having got PMW into a position where it seems to want to play ball I am now moving on to general preparation for Club Triumph's 10 Countries Run.

This weekend it's based around a good service for the car. Obviously it has already had an oil change and filter, new electronic ignition, new plug leads and I have new plugs for it too so I am well on the way to completeing a service for it.

So this weekend I got the car up on axle stands and checked the front wheel bearings were OK (seems they are) and the front brakes are fine too. Oil levels were low in the gearbox and rear axle though which is not good news so I topped those up. Whilst doing this I ran out of gear oil so I have ordered another 5 litres classic GL4 EP90 along with 2 litres of DOT 4 brake and clutch fluid, 5 litres of antifreeze and classic SF spec 20/50 engine oil so that should sort me out not just for topping up but also for spare fluids to take on the 10CR.

Here's PMW up on axle stands for those checks plus I could see that I think there is no more clutch fluid leaking from the slave cylinder so that's a relief.

This also gave me the chance to spray Dinitrol corrosion protection all under the car floor, wings, front valence etc which might not look the prettiest thing in the world but preservation is the most important thing here.

I was also able to take a look at the rear suspension as can be seen in the photo here and I will be replacing the rear springs, shock absorbers, suspension bushes and all associated nuts & bolts etc.

I have not done this before on a 2000 so it will no doubt be a learning curve but those are the original springs from 1969 whilst the shock absorbers are sone second hand ones someone gave me and recently one of them leaked. Doing about 3000 miles in September 3 up would be quite a test for them, hence the decision to replace.

Once that is done I will move on to the front suspension.

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