Sunday, November 14, 2010

Worth checking

Remember the note to check the bolt?

Here it isNot in at all! Certainly worth checking - now safely tightened up.

A road test has proved much reduce brake judder even with only the one side done so far. Next week I'll complete the job.

Meanwhile, the speedo stopped working on the way back from Italy and I wondered if it was the speedo cable. I also didn't like the way the cable was routed through a ripped carpet. Having consulted on the CT forum we concluded the car is fitted with a J type overdrive (from the photo below of the speedo cable fixing to the gearbox).The consensus of opinion is that the cable is at much too acute an angle which is also the case in the interior. It looks like a non overdrive speedo cable has been re-used and because it is too short it is not fitting correctly, so resulting in failure of the speedometer to work.

I have ordered a correct J type speedo cable for about £15 so that can go on the list of jobs too.

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