Friday, April 02, 2010

Even when it's easy, it's not!

First day in 2010 working on the 2000 getting it ready for the Alps.

I decided to take a photo of it in the big shed it's living with under wraps along with lots of vintage buses and Green Godesses but the camera's batteries were flat! Good start that was.

OK then, move on to replacing the non existant steering column bush which was pretty straight forward in the main, especially after Bryce pointed out I needed to remove the steering clamp bolt entirely rather than just loosen it. What a plonker ! That's me, not Bryce.

Putting it back, mind you wasn't easy either. There are 4 x 7/16ths small bolts to hold the column in under the dash, 2 at right angles either side of the column up under the dashboard. Unless you have done this that probably won't make sense but I can tell you that they need to go back in in the right order. If they don't then it takes a long time and the swearing level increases exponentally.

When it was all done though the steering column was secure, rather than slopping about all over the place.

With that accomplished it was on to fitting inertia reel seat belts. I had bought a full set as I try to be big on safety.

Well, Triumph had put rear set belt mountings in already during manufacture even if they didn't actually fit them themselves. So, a piece of cake was obviously on the cards.

No, removing the bolts for the lower mountings that go through to the rear wheel arches was far from easy. 40+ years of underseal, grime etc were reluctant to let go but eventually they did - no stopping on this job even if it takes a very long time!

End of play though saw the rear seat belts fitted and working so all in all, not bad at all.

Oh, and the car started OK too and ran quite happily in that smooth straight 6 way so a good day after all.

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