Sunday, April 25, 2010

BRP - oh dear!

After the HCR had finished today Dale came over to my house to see what he thought of BRP.

If you remember we got BRP running but there was a hell of a racket from it - a rattle or knocking noise.

Well this time it didn't even start but there was a horrible noise. Whipping off the rocker cover we could see the bolts had come out of the camshaft sprocket and the retaining half moon washer thingy had gone as well! I don't flipping believe this.

Turning the engine over by hand it locked up at a definite place in the cycle so that's not good.

Most likely is piston to valve contact due to the sprocket falling off etc etc. Advice from Dale is to remove the cylinder head and with a bit of luck there will be no damage to the pistons and block but the head will almost certainly have bent valves.

OK - so I brought a spare cylinder head from my garage (as you do) which we agreed looked to be in good condition and really only needs a bit of cleaning and a light skim (with a bit of luck).

So, stuff the special cam etc etc I decided there and then to ask Dale to recondition this head for me to completely standard spec while I get the old head off. It's a good thing I don't need the car in a hurry.

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