Friday, April 23, 2010

Don't PMW look good!

Here's a picture of PMW in it's winter storage whilst I work on it. Those facilities don't belong to me by the way!
It struck me though that in this picture the 2000 looks very very good - well it's not quite as good as that as the next picture will show!
It aslo struck me that this picture looks like the works PIs being prepared for the World Cup Rally in 1970 but no, there's not the same skill and money being thrown at it either.

So, what have I been doing? Well, fitting the front inertia reel seat belts actually which went quite smoothly. The original mountings are a long way back though so if I had fitted the inertia reels themselves in this position they would have been in the middle of the rear door entrance to the seats! A bracket supplied moved them forward though so they are now in a tolerable position and everything works correctly with no twists in the belts etc - must be a first for me to do something to an acceptable standard.

I also tried to fit a spare set of alloy "minilite" wheels I had as well, only to find that the PCD is different to every Triumph I have come across before. I'll need another cunning plan now.

Meanwhile, here's the otherless flattering picture

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