Saturday, March 27, 2010

A tale of 2 TR7s

Non starting BRP.

Fitted new points and condensor, squirted some fresh petrol down the carbs and put the rest in the petrol tank.

Also swapped over the coil from the convertible which I know works fine just in case.

Turned the key and ...... no go still, although it did give me a little encouragement.

Whilst I had the coil swapped I put BRP's on UNJ and that started straight away just as it always does so both coils will start UNJ and neither of them make a difference to the non starting BRP - it's not the coil then!!

State of play with BRP is now the battery on charge again while I think some more.

UNJ - I returned it's coil back to keep things sweet on the TR7 that will run!

I had also purchased (along with the bits for BRP) a hose that goes from the air filter to the top of the exhaust manifold

I fitted that but whilst doing so it's necessary to remove one of the thermostat housing bolts and that's when I noticed what appeared to be plain water in the housing. These cars need a good antifreeze mixture all the time for the inhibitors in them to make sure the alloy in the head doesn't silt up and cause overheating mayhem.

A few minutes had the bottom hose off the radiator and lots of sludgy brown water out of it - next a topping up of water/antifreeze mixture to put things right. Must get some more antifreeze.

I think next though will be a switch of attention over to the 2000 - time to start preparing it for the trip to the Alps.

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