Friday, January 01, 2010

Poking about

I have spent a bit of time "poking about" the 2000 and am rather pleased with the results. Although the photos don't do it justice the boot spare wheel well is solid (surface rust and wet though), underneath the rear seat it's also solid with a little surface rust and the interior generally is in good condition with everything in place but needing a good clean.

So, what needs doing first?

When we brought the car home, apart from the breakdown due to a dodgy rotor arm, the plan was to take it straight into winter storage but by the time we got back it was dropping dark and the offside indicator as well as the headlights weren't working. It wasn't sensible to drive it in the dark like this so the car is at my house and these are the priorities to sort out.

After that there are one or two grommets to seal the floor, a boot seal to stop water getting in and a steering column lower bush (where it goes through the bulkead). There are some repair panels for the front wings needed too and a thorough service/check over.

I suppose a new rotor arm and a maybe a distributor cap wouldn't go amiss sooner rather than leter too!

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