Monday, January 18, 2010

Just a few bits

The 2000 doesn't need much you know, a few service items and a bit of tarting up that's all.

So how come I have just ordered £xxxs worth of bits then?Fainting

Well it's like this.

On the Alpine 50th birthday bash my daughter Michelle will be coming along which is greatBounce but that just made me even more aware of safety issues - I suppose that comes from being a dad. Anyway, the 2000 hasn't got any rear seat belts so that needs putting right. Come to think of it, the front ones are the original static type and aren't that great at engaging so I had my doubts about their reliability too.

Rimmer Brothers have this sale on you see, so why miss this opportunity? Result a full set of front and rear inertia reel seat belts on order.

Then there's the fact that Bryce will be driving the car over to it's winter storage in the next week or two and bearing in mind it has a second hand rotor arm in it (after the breakdown senario when I bought the car) it only seemed right I bought a new replacement (this time from Chris Witor).

Of course, if you do that then to save postage I thought I'd get a few other ignition bits and pieces (it's always the ignition side you know that lets a car downThinking. ) So I ordered a coil, points, condensor and distributor cap -oh and the boot lid weather seal (nothing to do with ignition but whilst I am about it and it's only a few £).

Meanwhile, all but one of the headlights are gone so I ordered 2 outer halogen ones (I already have bulbs so saved a bit there) and Craig has promised me a couple of the inner ones.

There you go then, safety, looking after people, and saving some money results in a rather large bill Thinking

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