Saturday, January 23, 2010

Group 4 brakes again! + 2000 stuff

At last the machining is done - I had just about forgotten about this.

As a reminder, here is one of the group 4 AP discs fitted on it's bell to a strut complete with the extra long studs and a machined AP racing caliper - all the kit for the homologated "group 4" brakes.

Before diving into all this though, I'll finish the engine stuff on BRP. I need to now time the cam in, re-assemble it all and then fire it up which sounds easier than I fear it will be. This is all outside my comfort zone and if it goes wrong then I won't be happy (or competing in the Ilkley rally either).

Today though, I just put the brake stuff away and turned attention to the 2000.

With all the bits bought last week I pottered about a bit and made sure it's more ready for it's roadtrip into winter storage.

I fitted the boot seal simply as it was there and easy enough (makes a big difference to how the bott lid closes and should keep it watertight) but then moved on to replacing the rotor arm with the new one (the old one will be kept as a spare). The car wouldn't fire up initally so I checked and the new rotor arm hadn't seated properly but once this was done the car ran just fine.

Then on to replacing the outer headlight units which was straightforward enough and what a difference they make!

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