Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Latest addition

What's this then, a Triumph 2000 on the Rally TR7 blog?

Well I have purchsed this car with a particular mission in mind - going to the Alps and back 3 or 4 up in August next year (this trip is to replace the Manx rally which was my 50th birthday ambition).

The car has a very sweeet sounding engine, a fine overdrive gearbox that comes in and out very nicely and the diff has been changed to a 3.7 (this should make it a fine long distance car). The sills have been replaced, the car is structurally very sound and the interior is very good but needs a thorough clean first of all.

The plan is to give it a good clean, get everything working (like the headlamps, indicators etc), tidy up the bodywork and give it a very quick paint job, a very thorough service and then go into covered storage under a dustsheet over winter.

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