Saturday, February 14, 2009

Trying to be clever

The Roskirk Stages are in 3 weeks now so I am still doing a bit each week.

The thing is though, the car feels "good to go" so I intend leaving well alone.

That doesn't mean there isn't some thinking to do tho. The fuel tank should have been pretty low by now (fuel gauge has stopped working properly!) so the car needed fuel. Fill it up then?

Well, a full tank is 12 gallons and that's alot of weight to be pulling around. The Roskirk Stages is only 26 competitve miles so at 10MPG (!) that's only just over 2 1/2 gallons needed. Add a bit for a little running about meant I put just 15 litres in today which is just over 3 gallons.

I'll be taking the jerry can full too but this way we start with 9 gallons less fuel load than a full tank which must work out to some time saved.

Then on the day I'll be running with no spare wheel and jack etc if the regs allow. If I get a puncture I'll drive the car out on the rim. More weight saved.

As I said above - "on the day" so I don't need those Cibies do I? They have come off today too saving a bit more weight and anyway, if we hit a few cones they could get damaged. It's a shame as I love the way the car looks with them on but I might as well try and be a bit more professional.

Oh - and a tip from a work colleague. I have tank taped the intercom leads to the left hand shoulder strap of the harnesses so three's no messing about trying to find them.

Finally I finished off with filling 3 of the ammunition boxes with spares and labelling them up.

Next week? Well time to wash and clean the car I reckon plus another tip needs to be followed up - sticking some material on the roof lining to protect the helmets from scratches.

I have a cunning plan for this but I'll keep that to myself so that is it is a surprise to all (including Sarah!)

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