Sunday, February 08, 2009

Put the boot in

I don't actually need race boots as they are only "recommended" for national events but I know the way this is all going, recommended now means mandatory FIA spec soon!

When I have all the other stuff anyway it seems a bit daft not to get them - three is a warning note from the MSA not to buy plastic type shoes ie trainers anyway.

The thing is, they seem to be about £140+ for a pair which is a bit of a shock but then I remembered something from one of the forums I frequent.

It had been said a company called Rally Design (who I bought the wheel studs from) aren't into this kind of stuff but had some odds and ends knocking around.

So, I checked out their website and they had only 2 pairs left which were both in my size. I snapped up ones like those in the pics but in red and with the FIA 2000 spec for £54 including VAT & posting.

What a result!

So, I am fully kitted out now and one less thing to worry about.

BTW - note to self, the group 4 disc assemblies are upstairs in the loft and the studs/wheel nuts are in the draw of the tall cabinet in the garage!

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William Columbine said...

Nice! You won't regret buying those. I've got a pair of OMP's that I wear for long distance driving and they make a real difference - much better control and less fatigue because, unlike ordinary shoes, they're designed to be pivoted around the heel. Plus they're great for those of us with big feet and small cars!