Saturday, February 07, 2009

Studs & nuts!

If Martin Knapp is reading this - here's proof I take notice!

Having collected the "bells" for the Group 4 discs from Martin last week I checked on something he had said to me previously - scrutineers like to see evidence of alot of thread from the wheel studs through the wheel nuts.

All fair enough as that's what's holding the wheels on!

The solution is longer wheel studs and "open" wheel nuts so that's what I got.

I fitted them to spare hubs I have but in the picture you can see the difference between standard and longer 63mm studs. I have put a wheel nut on each to it's full depth and as you can see from the standard nut there's not alot of room left for the wheel!

Moving on from this I have assembled the "Group 4" discs and hubs as I intend to push on with this after the Roskirk Stages and get the Hictoric Vehicle Document I will need to enter the Jim Clark Historic rally!

Anyway, more of that later but here's a complete assembly.

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