Sunday, July 06, 2008

Roll with it!

The first trial fit of the rear cage and it looks really good - well made and sits really well in place.

The bracket on the sill - the sill itself has to be cut out under the bolt holes to allow the captive nuts to sit "inside it".

Then the front leg has to go down the side of the A pillar which means removal of some of the dashboard - here's Bryce at work on this.

Next is a case of getting the position of the front cage "leg" in the right position - here it is held by cable ties well up on the roof rail. It's important to get it as high as possible so as not to intrude on the cockpit area and be too close to the occupants heads!

But then there's an "issue" at the base of the leg where it fits onto a bracket - as can be seen here the bracket itself is sat on a block of wood to enable it to meet up with the leg.

Advice is currently being sought from the roll cage manufacturer!

No pictures at the moment but we also moved on to re-fit the seats and look at fixing the harnesses.

I had intended using a harness bar welded to the roll cage but the seats are too close to the rear hoop and there's no space so that idea has had to be abandoned (but at least there's a weight saving without that bar!).

A few more brackets will need to be made up and welded in - thank goodness Bryce is an excellent automotive engineer.

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