Sunday, July 20, 2008

That's all continued

Probably not too apparent here but this is the base of one of the front legs about to be trimmed - gulp!

We took off 25mm and then 3 more lots of 10 mm whilst continuing to offfer it up in the car.

What can't be seen here is the way that there is a dashboard supporting rail that goes just where this leg ideally wants to be.

Rather than cut straight through this rail we then trimmed back the dashboard to look at the rather more substantial rail on the offside.

At this point we decided to call a halt whilst we ponder the next move - as the car needs to be MOTd and ready for August 8th we will come back to the roll cage later in the year.

The roll cage isn't needed for the Little Devils anyway but seats and harnesses need to be in the car for the MOT so that's where we focussed our attention next.

Here's the seats and harnesses in place and they are fine but --

the seats need positioning for the ideal place for both the driver and co-driver.

We'll go for that on the day before the Little Devils if we have time when Sarah will be available for a trial fitting!

Then once the seats are in the right place the harnesses need "fettling" so that buckles are in a comfortable place and everything fits snugly.

All of that could easily take an hour for each side!

Still - next is MOT time in a couple of weeks.

Much has to go right yet, BRP has to pass it's MOT, I need to get my licence, we need to set the car up as described above, we should try a bit of navigational practice, the engine has to hold together after the head gasket change (maybe I should re-torque the head if there's any time) and of course we need it to keep going whilst the crew work together harmoniously on the Little Devils itself.

Not much then really.

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