Sunday, July 20, 2008

That's all for now on the roll cage

Spent another 3 hours on the roll cage today with Bryce but I was amazed at how much work he had already done whilst I was away on holiday.

Here's some of his excellent work

The top mopunting brackets for the harnesses are vsiible here - the outer ones go into the standard production fixing points for the inertial reel seatbelts but the inner ones have been fitted using a patented method Bryce devised.

This involved much ingenuity and patience but means there's a reinforcing plate underneath the shelf here which sits above the fuel tank.

He has also made up brackets for the front harness fixing points just behind the cross rail on the floor - this is where the two front harnneses locate.

They then come up through the front seatbase and between your legs (ahemm) to stop the driver/co-driver "submarining" - ie - sliding forward under the harness.

The rear floor mountings are behind the seat frame and are re-inforced on the floor.

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