Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back where I started

The Toledo will be a back up car for BRP if it's not ready for the Little Devils.

So, a good idea to check the Toledo over and try and fix the blowing exhaust again!!

Under the car and it's blowing from the same place; in fact, it wouldn't have been long before the centre section pulled off the front pipe. Fixed that but it was still blowing so it seems the real problem is that the front pipe bore isn't quite right and or the section isn't long enough.

Ho-hum, I decide to think about this for another day.

But then what about the bottom hose which has always looked a bit suspect? Well I had a new one when I bought the car so I decided to fit it - guess what, not the right one!!!

So the old hose went back on with a new jubilee clip but I had to top up the radiator again. The radiator top up "plug" then cross threaded going back in - grrrr!

2 1/2 hours messing about and no further forward.

On checking the Rimmer Bros website tho, a new downpipe is only £35 and a bottom hose about £7, they even have a radiator top up plug. So, order placed and I await the new bits.

I will have replaced the entire exhaust by the time I am finished which is a pain but if I can stop it blowing I'll be well pleased as the engine itself is such a sweet little runner (bet I'll regret saying that!).

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