Sunday, June 01, 2008

A pleasant change

When we did the Historic Counties the indicator stalk started mis-behaving. It would have to be held in position for the stalk to locate correctly, but only sometimes.

This was a replacement second hand one so I thought I would probably need a new one but they cost £63 so I hoped I might be able to fix it.

So, this afternoon I removed the cover and found one of the screws holding the stalk on was loose - aha. Tighten it up, re-fit the cover and the job is sorted. That was certainly a pleasant change to normal.

Unfortunately, the exhaust is blowing again!

Then I moved onto the TR7 to start it up, warm it through and move it a little to make sure everything was freed off. Well, it started pretty quickly, got up to just under half on the temp gauge when the elctric fan cut in and brought it back down to just over a quarter. There was still the right level of coolant in the expansion tank too - this is looking promising.

All the lights worked, even the offside indicator which seemed reluctant to start with but then played ball. The only thing not happy are the emergency flashers but that's a minor worry.

So, looking good but I need to wait for the roll cage yet which should be here in a couple of weeks.

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