Saturday, November 10, 2007

The "spares" car's future

I got hold of this TR7 a couple of years ago now for very little money as the previous owner was never going to get round to putting it back on the road.

It's future could very easily have been one of slowly rotting away before finally being scrapped.

That would have been sad as it had only had 3 owners and this wa a FHC without a sunroof - a fine base for a performance car.

So here it is under my car port having been rescued.

Well, now it is has been passed on again to my daughter's partner, Bryce. Ha has exciting plans for it to become a TR7V8 rally car.

The latest picture from this week. Completely stripped with a "double bulge" bonnet now to clear the carbs on a V8 and on a rotating frame ready for blasting and welding.

I reckon it looks great already!

Well done Bryce, the future is looking much brighter for GBT.

The year after next we hope to see GBT and BRP both out together on a stage rally - that will be a glorious day

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