Sunday, November 04, 2007


After each event I go through a review systematically about the car and what work needs doing or improvements that could be made. That's just the way I am - continuous improvemnt is the plan whilst keeping the car on the road or stage. I couldn't be one of those people who spend all their time in car preparation to the enth degree and then never actually use it

Anyway, part of that process identified after the 2006 RBRR that one of the issues was a new alternator as the original failed.

Well, other things got priority if I was to keep doing events like sorting out the overheating so quickly throwing on a second hand alternator on a temporary basis won through.

Here we are though, a year later and this A127 alternator has been ordered thanks to a tip from fellow TR7 rally enthusiast Paul Swindells - a big improvement over the standard alternator and brand new too so that should result in more reliability.

And the second hand one? Kept as a spare to be carried on events by "the service crew".

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