Sunday, November 11, 2007

Header tank

Following advice from members of the Club Triumph forum (Trackerjack & Beanz) as well as from a new book on uprating TR7s I have decided to replace the plastic expansion bottle as standard on the early cars with the metal header tank system fitted from 1979 on.

The above picture are the components I got from S&S and the lower picture is after I have cleaned them up and painted them.

Never fear, CT members - this was no more than a quick clean up and paint to preserve them, certainly not a long time prep and painstaking process to beautify the car!

I also got the head back last night and the verdict is that it may be OK but the safest bet would be to strip it down and skim it.

Well, probably wrongly I have decided against that. Given that it doesn't take long to re-fit I have ordered a thick head gasket and will put it all back together following all the tips I have been given on torqueing the head down etc. Then it will have the new cooling system in place and we'll see what happens.

If it still overheats then I reckon I'll pull the engine out and fit one of the second hand ones.

I am determined to spend money on safety prep needed for rallying - not on engines. All I need is an engine that will work reliably, standard tune power will be fine.

Let's get out there competing whilst building another comp engine ready for when I can use it.

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