Saturday, March 01, 2014


Nearly two litres of DOT4 brake and clutch fluid later I have bled the brakes and the clutch.

I wasn't looking forward to this as I expected the bleed nipples to snap off but all the brake bleed nipples loosened off OK - wow! No fluid actually came out of the ends though, just from where the nipples screwed in to the rear wheel cylinders and the front calipers.

I used an easy bleed to do this and just collected the fluid in a jar as it was pumped out and cleaned up afterwards of course.

The clutch slave cylinder wasn't as easy.

The bleed nipple was right up next to the oil filter so I unbolted the clutch slave cylinder and let it "dangle". Unfortunately the cylinder within it along with the spring then came out when the easy bleed was attached. No doubt an experienced Triumph tinkerer would have expected this but not me. By now the whole clutch pipework etc was full of air.

To get round the problem I put the spring and cylinder back in and used a cable tie to restrain the cylinder next time round. Success on that front so I got a good 250 ml of flluid thorugh the system and out the nipple. Then it was just a case of bolting it all back on of course.

At the end of the day I started the car, selected gears and moved it back and forward whilst stopping it with the brakes.

Starty,move and stop you see :-)

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