Sunday, February 23, 2014

A right good day

Here's the 2000 lifted nice and high on axles stands so I could get under to get the propshaft attached.
At this point you can see the propshaft still hanging down loose at the front and also at the side of the car is the centre section of the exhaust which still needed fixing too.

With the propshaft bolted up though I pumped up the tyres and got the car back down on the ground so that at last I could get it moved out of the bus garage where it has really been taking space up and isn't the easiest location for the next part.

Mind you, it was tricky to get it out but manage it we did thanks to help from Bryce and a fork lift to tow it.

Here it is, seeing the light of day for the first time in more than 2 years.

From here we towed it round the block and into a workshop where I could get it onto a lift.

That's where I got the exhaust back on and fitted up properly. Along with getting the accelerator linkage sorted and then the air filter housing back on yet again it was time to start the car and see how it all is.

Well, it starts very very well now, almost as if it's now remembered how to run and shrugs it off in a "of course I'll start, no problemo way".

Even better though was that now there's an exhaust on it I could rev the engine a little and by eck I now remember how gorgeous it sounds.

On that note (!) time to quit whilst ahead and come back next week for the bleeding of brakes and the clutch.

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