Saturday, February 15, 2014

Smooth running

Last time I updated the blog I wasn't counting any chickens.

Well since then PMW has been running more than once so that's good.

Latest is that I have checked and adjusted the tappets as well as draining the oil and replacing it with fresh 20/50 whilst swapping for a new filter of course.

The good news is that this time the oil coming out the sump looked much more like oil with only a slight trace of emusification from water contamination. I think the flushing oil has done it's job and now it's onto normal running in when I aim to swap the oil and filter after about 100 miles of driving the car.

Starts to sound like I am getting close doesn't it?

Still a bit to do yet though including fixing the exhaust, reconnecting the propshaft, bleeding the brakes and clutch so that I have them working and wiring up that electric fan. That's what I know about of course.

There will be the small matter of extricating the car from the big shed it's in hemmed in by buses and trucks. One step at a time.

I do need to get under the car though and it's not pleasant jacking the car up and getting it on to axle stand so I can grub around under it on a dirty concrete floor. Not so good when I can't find the propshaft nuts and bolts either.  These are the kinds of things that happen when a car is stripped over so many months (years even), things go missing and then hold you up putting it all back together.

I have learned patience though so a few more bits and pieces have been ordered from Chris Witor and I can come back to the car next weekend.

I must be prepared to be disappointed as bleed nipples break off no doubt too!

On balance though, progress continues to be made and PMW starts now easily enough without Easy Start. I think is very smooth too which I should be able to confirm when I have the exhaust all coupled up.

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