Sunday, December 15, 2013

No connection

Well I didn't have a connection to the starter motor on UNJ as it snapped off - see one of the previous blog entries.

So yesterday I lay under the car and carefully stripped the end off the wire, used a "proper" crimp connector with a "proper" crimping tool whilst remembering to put an insulating boot on the wire first. None of this being at all easy whilst lying on your back as opposed toin a lovely warm workshop and bench in said workshop preparing a new wiring loom.

Managed it tho - hurragh!

Blooming car won't start though - not even a hint of the starter motor responding :-(

Next then on this member of the fleet will be to tke the starter motor off and see if one of the  three spare second hand ones ---

a) fit
b) work

If none of the above I won't be a happy bunny.

Still, there's always PMW to go back to and see if I can have running by the end of the Christmas break.

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