Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bolting bits on

Ever get the feeling you might be getting in the way?

That's PMW under the sheet with buses, a Land Rover and even a dump truck all round it!

Best get on so the car can come back home.

This afternoon though was all about bolting bits back on. The boot is getting emptier as bits come out of there and are either returned home or go on the car.

Like the air filter assembly, radiator and electric fan which took up 2 1/2 hours today (see pictures below).

I had charged up a battery off UNJ and took this over today too.

I stored it in the Rover and brought back a battery I had taken off BRP and JEA's battery too. I intend to charge these batteries up as well and then I'll have a total of 4 charged car batteries for when I next attempt to start PMW - will this be a Christmas present for me I wonder?

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