Sunday, November 03, 2013

Getting close with PMW

I suddenly realised that actually I keep bolting bits on to PMW and it can't be that far away from start up time (GULP).

So yesterday it was time to see how close I could get.

Fitted the fuel pipes to the fuel pump and carbs then primed the pump and a nice little morale booster to see petrol in the pump bowl.

Next up fitting the distributor - two to choose from, one of which slotted in fine pointing at mnumber 1 and the opther slotted in 180 degrees out. Hmm - the second one is a new old stock one though specific for this early Mk2 2000 so that was the one fitted and the leads will have to be changed round to suit.

Connected the battery and the interior lights came on when I opened the door as well as the oil light when turning the ignition - another little morale booster.

So now time to turn the engine over with plugs removed to let the oil pressure build up as it's a rebuilt engine.

Bad news - major fuel leak at the pump. Down to me cross threading the connection (what a pillock!) but thankfully that could be corrected.

Next fuel leak at the front carb bowl which couldn't be fixed there and then so it's on next week's job list.

This all meant we couldn't turn the engine over long enough for the oil light to go out but the plus point was that the engine wasn't tight (I had turned it over by hand before as well) and there were no horrible noises so at this early stage it doesn't seem like I made a complete cock up of assembling the bottom of the engine at least.

Meanwhile, in the photo those of you familiar with these cars will see the clutch slave cylinder resting on top of the wiper motor (at the end of the braided hose). At this minute I can't see where it bolts back on!

NNext week I'll have the car up on axle stands so should be able to work it out but if anyone can advise me or send me a photo of it fitted please do!

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