Sunday, July 14, 2013

Just a little bit more

As yesterday went so well I decided to do a bit more.

Although I had bought uprated 1" lowered springs UNJ sits high at the rear - 25" from the road to wheel arch on the nearside and 24" on the offside (!) so I bought another pair (they aren't that expensive).

So today I fitted the new pair which didn't take long but as I was letting the car back down the offside shock absorber started leaking oil. No doubt it was the extended state it reached whilst I was fitting the springs but it does mean I should replace both rears now - grrr!

Another test drive followed and maybe I am paranoid but I think there's a "wobble" starting which is from the hub that suffered the collapsed wheel bearing. I reckon it was damaged beyond repair as when I fitted the inner race for the wheel bearing it's supposed to be a press fit but it more or less just fell in.

The car has also now reminded me that it started to baulk on selecting 2nd and or 3rd gear when we were on the Welsh Tour so that needs investigating.

The main beam and flash had stopped working too but I have fixed that by cleaning an earth and improved the pathetic windscreen washers by blowing compressed air through the jets.

More work needed yet though.

Oh, and when I measured the ride height with the new lowered springs? 24 2/3" and 24"!!!

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