Saturday, July 13, 2013

11 miles and counting

After a lay off from all things Triumph due to my daughter getting married (Michelle to Bryce) and then us going on holiday, I at last got back to working on UNJ.

A steady process on a very hot day but rewarding so far.

Removed the nearside front strut, stripped it down so that I could fit the new spring insulators and the roller bearings. Once it was refitted to the car which was easier now I am using the jack technique I moved on to replacing the wheel bearing that had broken up.

I took care to clean every bit of swarf out of the hub and then replaced the bearing and refitted the hub, brake caliper and wheel.

3 1/2 hours work and it was time to give UNJ a test run.

First thing - no "clonk" as I set off and turned the steering wheel. I am sure this is where fitting the spring insulators have paid off as the front springs are now snugly located.

Then almost immediately I realised how light the steering now was - wow, those roller bearings really make a difference.

Following completing the usual test circuit I use of local roads which are a combination of town roads, local lanes (good for suspension and ride testing) and the A59 where a decent amount of speed can be built up it seems all is well.

That's why it's 11 miles and counting!

I am a bit paranoid though so I am thinking about getting a spare hub and building it up with a new wheel bearing. I can either fit this and keep the one just repaired as a spare or keep the new one as a spare - might be useful to have on the trip to Nice.

Meanwhile, I'll check the wheel bearings again in about 100 miles and adjust as needed.

Good to be out in UNJ though with the top down in the sun.

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