Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dropped nut syndrome

I have bought a reconditioned hub as I wasn't fully happy with the situation after last week.

That meant another wheel bearing kit as well of course but it certainly proved right to do as fitting the inner race needed inserting with a previous race and large hammer - rather different to last week when it just "fell in".

I was even more convinced it was the right thing to do when I took the old hub off the car and found the oil seal pushed out and the inner bearing complete with race now stuck onto the stub axle. In a few more miles it would have been like that time it failed and be welded on to the stub axle.

After swapping the brake disc over to the reconditioned hub and fitting the new wheel bearing kit it was put back on to the car. Along with adjusting the other side wheel bearing that was close of play for the front end.

To the rear now and replacement of the shock absorbers as one of them had leaked last week after I had replaced the springs! All of this went along nicely until a very unfortunate mishap.

Yes, dropped nut syndrome. I dropped the nut for the top of the nearside shock absorber and try as I might I cannot find it. Of course the old ones aren't the same size grrr!

Which means the job isn't finished and I can't test the car after all that effort.

So that's "dropped nut syndrome"

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