Saturday, March 02, 2013

Halfway there?

Had a good 5 1/2 hours on the cars today.

First I cleaned off surface rust on the Rover and applied Curust. So far so very good, the only rust I have found really is of the surface variety as you can see from this photo of the offside sill and door bottoms.

I would have taken more photos but the batteries ran out on my camera!

After an hour doing this I switched back to PMW although I can't show any proof of course.

I painted the engine bay with two coats of Venetian blue which is good enough to look OK and help preserve the car further.

I also retrieved the remains of the wing aerial from deep inside the wing itself and sprayed some waxoyl in.

Then swapped various bits over from the engine I took out to the rebuilt original although I couldn't fit the inlet and exhaust manifolds as the engine is still on a stand and they fouled. I did get the thermostat housing and water pump swapped over but I need to get a whirly gun on the front pulley bolt so I can swap that over.

I also got the engine and gearbox separated ready for refitting and removed the clutch as well as the starter motor. I can't make further progress though as I need the spigot bush turning down to fit the lightened flywheel.

Meanwhile, I am compiling rather a long list of parts needed whcihwill delay things somehwat due to budgetary constraints!

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