Saturday, March 16, 2013

Getting it back together

And the next 3 hours!

This mainly consisted of getting the gearbox onto the "new" engine but it was very reluctant to play ball. I had just about got it on when I realised something was wrong as the clutch actuating arm was pointing straight down and wouldn't move.

Ho hum. Took it all apart again and found the carrier for the release bearing had parted but at least it was relatively easy to put it back in place. This time I made sure the actuating arm was fine - or at least that was what I tried to do but when the gearbox wouldn't go back on that sort of got lost in my mind set! Eventually I decided this wasn't a one man job and called on the assistance of Bryce's dad Steve and we soon had it in place.

Strangely Steve seemed to think this was a moment of weakness on my part and suggested I might want to buy a BMW M3! Well thanks for the help Steve but I could do without another car thanks.

From there it was a case of bolting on the starter motor and  both inlet and exhaust manifolds. These manifolds went on and off one or two times until I was happy but nowadays I seem to have more patience so it was no hardship really.

Here's a photo of it all hanging together.
A very pleasing afternoon all in all but I think my back will know about it for sure!

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