Saturday, March 09, 2013

Free standing

Another 3 hours on the 2000 today and lots of progress made.

It's difficult to cover in detail really but here's a few pictures.

This is the rebuilt original engine on the stand ready for more bits to be swapped over.

A difficult one was the pulley as the retaining bolt didn't want to let go on the old engine but with help from Bryce, a large bit of bar, a large bracing bar and a large hammer it let go and was swapped over.

Then the other end for the fitting up of a new 3 piece clutch. This was carefully put in place in alignment as marked when the engineering company did all the bottom end balancing - see "WD".
With that done I fitted a new release bearing too.

Having removed the engine mounting from the old engine I then lowered it to the ground, took the lifting eyes off it and transferred them to the new "engine". Finally, at the end of the day the "new engine came off it's stand where it has been for 6 months and was on the engine crane ready for the gearbox to be mounted next weekend.

Here it is "free standing"

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