Saturday, August 11, 2012

Possible addition

There could be a new addition to the fleet and this time not a Triumph!

Actually it's my wife looking to buy a small car to nip about in when the Peugeot 308 really isn't needed. Maybe a quick trip to the coast in the sun as well perhaps.

So we have looked at a 1992 Rover Mini today and it seems really good, very solid and with only 18000 miles on the clock. Lots of history with it and sitting on Rover "minilite" wheels - oh, and it's a very tasty shade of red too.

Real shades of the Italian Job!

Other than that though, a steady 3 hours again. Initially helping Bryce in his latest project which is a BMW Compact for a one make race series. Track rod ends proved very reluctant to come off but did so eventually.

Back on the engine rebuild for PMW it's slow and steady - old gaskets take some getting off I can tell you.

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