Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A right mixed bag!

A weekend of different aspects Triumph wise.

First, a little bit sad was removing bits from BRP. As the car is not going to be used for a long time now and at some point will go into storage when PMW comes back out to play it makes sense to do some moving of stuff.

The front brakes had already come off and are now on UNJ.

Then I fitted some old wheels to the front so I could take off the pair of very good Michelins fitted to original TR7 alloys so that they could go into storage.

Then I removed the rally computer as there's no reason to leave a useful bit of kit in the car. Same with an Avanti map reading light, a tow rope and medical kit which are now in UNJ (and can be used in PMW too when it resumes first line duty).

Yesterday was a return to building up PMW's original engine.

The biggest amount of time was cleaning up the front plate removing old gaskets but once that was over it was bolted on and attention moved to the new camshaft seen in the picture prior to fitment.

A liberal coating of lubricant and then with a careful insertion (!) it was in the block and all secure.

Next was the rear crankshaft oil seal and rear engine plate going on in quick succession. The oil pump filter was seriously blocked but the use of Fairy power spray, rinsing out and blowing through with an airline cleared that soon enough.

All of a sudden the end is in sight - OK plenty to do yet but real progress at last. I couldn't get any further though as the engine stand wasn't available so with time available I moved on to PMW itself to start stripping the engine down for it's removal.

Here's PMW coming out of hibernation.

Off with the radiator, battery, alternator, fuel pump and coil leaving the engine bay a little bare. Mind you the inlet manifold refused to play ball so that was it for this week.

Next week it's the Raider's Triumph (event, not car!) so no progress for a couple of weeks or so.

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