Sunday, August 05, 2012

Pendle & Pennine - the Raider's Triumph

A Club Triumph weekend this one.

Friday night was the Pendle and Pennine Area Meeting which, as always, was  a great night with lots of chat and banter.

Then on Saturday morning  Andy Flexney and I visited one of the secret locations for tests on the "Raider's Triumph". Andy will be in charge of this location and we spent a fair bit of time planning the tests which will be interesting and fun, but not too difficult for newcomers.

Then we spent some more time talking cars with persons unknown (for now as it could give the game away).

After all that I went over to the workshop to continue the rebuild of PMWs engine. Thanks to Mike Charlton obtaining two more shells for me the crank ald pistons are now in place and fully torqued up.

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