Sunday, March 06, 2011

Alot of time for what was achieved?

Well I made the Pendle and Pennine meeting as I was able with Jon's assistance to bolt the track arm back on with it's new ball joint and polybush.

Then Saturday first I painted cure rust on the inside of repair panels made for the front lower wings and on other areas of surface rust under the front end.

Then onto wiring relays in for the main beam. I followed a suggestion I had read to use links from the original connections to the headlamps to supply the feed to the relay and then back again. That means putting a link wire in for the earth and for the dip beam too.

It does mean quite a few wires though and took far longer than I expected to wire up just the offside. Then the lights wouldn't work - oh good!! It took me ages to work out I had put the wires the wrong way round at the relay. Once that was fixed it was all fine thank goodness.

Next was wiring up the second relay but I ran out of connectors to finish it all so that's still to be done with little time left really before the HCR as I am away on holiday soon as well as attending the Club Triumph dinner.

Remember the cure rust applied earlier? At the end of the day I sprayed Dinitrol all over it and into the rear of the front panel and inside of the wings so with a bit of luck that will help preserve the car.

Finally today I have done a little bit of painting and touching up all the various bits of rust spots and stone chips - again it's all about preservation of the car rather than being a question of show condition!

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