Saturday, March 26, 2011

Back from hols and back to PMW!

Back from holiday at 1.45 this morning but with only a week to go to the HCR I felt the need to work on PMW anyway.

So, a spanner check on the ball joint and inner track arm bush proved fine and a "feel" of the front wheels seems OK for wheel bearing play too.

Then managed to bolt up the exhaust to a bracket from the gearbox now I understand what it's there for!

Finally wired up the nearside full beams via a relay too so I am pleased with that.

Not so pleasing are modern petrol stations, or more accurately, mini supermarkets that happen to have fuel pumps attached! I just needed a side light bulb, not much to ask for but both local garages didn't stock any (or any sizable amount of motoring stuff at all). Solution for now was to rob one from one of the TR7s for PMW and I'll replace it during the week hopefully.

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