Friday, October 09, 2009

One thing leads to another

Here's the offside strut removed from the convertible today, lieing next to the refurbished replacement.

Of course, it didn't come off without a fight in that the ball joint nut needed the attentions of a saw and a chisel! So that means replacement ball joint needed so I might as well get one for the other side too as no doubt that will be a pig too.

And whilst I am about it 2 replacement inner polybushes too!

Oh, and as the front struts have uprated springs then 2 new 200lbs lowered springs for the rear are on order as well.

That little lot should keep me occupied for a while.

Oh, and S&S preps are pleased I have started working on my TR7s again - there'll be more parts ordered from them soon enough no doubt.

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