Monday, September 28, 2009

Group 4 brakes again

Now back to the car prep.

I removed the front hubs off the convertible to place the group 4 hub/disc assemblies and ensure everything looked OK.

Well, here's a couple of pictures of the difference between standard TR7 brakes and the rally group 4 ones - massive isn't an understatement!

I also found some rather disturbing things whilst I was about all this though - see the pic of the nearside strut etc of the convertible.
The inner wheel bearing stayed on the stub axle but of more concern is the split gaiter on the strut and the bump stop which isn't so much u/s as crumbling away in front of my eyes! Given that the standard discs are pretty weedy and the discs looked well worn this is leading me to a new plan.

1. Get the group 4 brakes machined so that they can be fitted to BRP.

2. Plumb them in and make sure all is well.

3. Replace the struts on the convertible with a pair of built up refurbished struts I have (thanks Martin Knapp).

4. Fit the vented discs and 4 pot calipers that come off BRP to the convertible.

5. Plumb them in and make sure they work in time for it's MOT in May and a holiday I am planning in the Alps for my 50th birthday.

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